Thursday, 28 June 2007

a couple of random listens...

bed - spacebox

i managed to miss this album when it came out in 2003.
it wears it's 'laughing stock' influences on it's sleeve but is still right up my street, and leaves you feeling very 'warm-veined'.

ryan adams - easy tiger

there was a time when i'd have been really excited about a new adams record. easy tiger is the most middle of the road thing i have picked up recently - however it has still got some charm about it. the reviews of it seem to suggest it is his 'best one for ages'. i always get alarm bells when you see reviews like that (it always occurs when artists go through a wall of about ten albums and so prefixes every album review of everyone from the fall to paul mcartney these days) i tend to think it means, 'i can't remember what the last one sounded like - but this ones okay (if you like that kind of thing).

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