Thursday, 29 November 2007

November Pottacast

Side A/B Players

I’m sure you have all been plagued with anxiety, nervously sweating, jiggling your legs and biting your nails waiting for the November ‘’pottacast”. Well, whoop with delight and punch the air, because my friends HERE IT IS.

I’ve managed to miss a lot of gigs I wanted to see this month, The(e) (they should adopt the extra ‘e’)Warlocks, Caribou, Holy Fuck, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals to name but a few. If you saw them any of them, without a hint of bitterness, I hope you enjoyed ‘em.

As far as seeing ‘Holy Fuck’ goes, I've fallen foul of that Fibbers [York’s toilet venue] 'coming soon' poster. The Fuck (as their family, no doubt, know and love them) were listed under the aforementioned ‘Coming Soon’ banner and I foolishly took the 'coming soon' tag as meaning they would be playing at the venue in the near future. How, err, foolish.

A clearer examination of Fibbers 'actually playing' listings shows no sign of The Fuck - just a miserable selection of local, tribute and local tribute acts.

Through no effort of my own I have managed to pick up a ticket for MBV, June 2008 (thanks Mr. C - indebted). Our own attempts to pounce like highly (sensually) aroused Tigers on the first tickets available for these shows failed miserably due to some sensually depredating beers in The(e) Sun in Acomb.

My Bloody Valentine make me recall a number of embarrassing incidents in 1989. A friend and I, in that very year – and for at least one after – regular posed as either journalists or owners of a small independent label. We managed to get into most London gigs this way, interviewing the band and so wasting hours of their time and ours under the pretence that an interview would be published in some tawdry rag. Or, expressing an interest in the support band and promising them a ‘split 7”’ with The(e – I actually think they were Thee) Sperm Wails or some similar doudy London band we had once nodded at in the queue at Subterania. Steve Albini once mistook us for the Legendary Stud Brothers ( late eighties Melody Maker hacks). We were neither, legendary, brothers or for that matter ‘Studs’.

One band who fell foul of this, ho hum – hustle – were My Bloody Valentine at my favourite venue, The Fulham Greyhound. All four of the poor beggars had to be interviewed by my compatriot, a man with a very large hooter whose name escapes me and I. I remember very little, thankfully, of the interview. At one point, intentionally, I did make all four Valentines laugh with a question about Wallpaper, however I’m quite sure there were several other incidents where the laughing was on the other side of their lovely indie faces. I believe my colleague also asked Debbie Goodge out. There is tape of this somewhere (Franc, NOTE: if it’s not destroyed yet – please incinerate in a vat of burning diesel). There is also a story involving Kevin Shields, the ULU and some ‘back-door’ action. It’s not as interesting as it sounds though. And, on second thoughts it should have inspired some sort of 'Londoners' joke about going down the tube at Goodge Street.

Here is the ‘cast. Enjoy.

Listen/Download Side A:

Archangel – Burial - 4:02

New Violence - White Williams - 2:51

Get Mad - Kyle Andrews - 4:35

Lovesong Lake - Candy Bars - 4:26

A WOT – Orgone - 5:33

About You - Clara Hill - 4:13

Right on the Malthus - The Capstan Shafts - 1:39

Dark Soldier - Roland Appel - 7:17

Glitter Pills – HEALTH - 3:38

Matron - The Orb vs Meat Beat Manifesto - 7:13

Listen/Download Side B:

Remembrance (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) – Dragons -4:34

Kaleid – Boxcutter -5:31

Fyrepond – Kiln - 4:17

My Dove, My Lamb – Phosphorescent - 9:28

You Little Superstar - Avenging Force - 3:29

Rockstone – Native - 4:24

Baby Let's Play Wet - Julian Cope - 2:27

Drool - Black Dice - 5:52

Saint (Heinrich Mueller Z Version) - Bochum Welt - 5:27

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