Tuesday, 4 December 2007

radiopotta - cover versions vol I

I found out last night that almost everyone I know has a story incorporating the incongrous coupling of a night out and the delivery of milk. Some simply involve the removal of a bottle of Unigate from some old dears doorstep on return from an Essex rave in 1989 (usually accompanied by a friend, or it could even be the milkman, who bares an uncanny likeness to Liverpool's Andriy Voronin - pictured).

Others stories concern a complex blend of fast and psychedelic drugs, attractive woman and Policemans helmets.

My own appertains to a quest to find the site of an 'acid house party'. For one summer, seemingly every Friday night, six of us would squeeze into the back of someones Mums Metro (I was a lot thinner then) and drive around the luring landscapes of Surrey and Sussex.

The idea was to find said party, usually in the Cranleigh area. We'd stop the car, get out listen for music, aurally hallucinate where it was coming from, drive to said area find it was an Ambulance trying to get to an emegency and so block its path on a narrow farm track. The car would get stuck, wouldn't go in to reverse and quite possibly we'd be partially responsible for the death of some old farmer.

One night we saw a Milkfloat driving about, and as it was the only vehicle on the road, we tried to flag it down to see if the Milkman knew the wherabouts of the party. The 'float did its best to pull away from the Metro. It wouldn't respond to the flashing of lights and stop for us. The driver put her foot down, and we pulled in front of it. One of us wound down the window to ask the Milky the way to the do. It was no Milky driving the float though, it had been nicked by a group of saucer-eyed chavs in such a floundering euphoric mess that they mistook us for the law and thought we were going to arrest them.

Listen/Download Side A

Just Got Paid Rapeman 3:36

Rollin' Danny The Fall 2:26

Boy with the Thorn in his Side Dinosaur Jr. 1:58

I Just Wasn't Made For These Times Bullion 2:23

I Won't Hurt You Anja Garbarek 2:38

running up that hill datassette 3:55

Wonderwall (Live) Ryan Adams 4:04

If I Were A Carpenter Engineers 2:39

Ticket To Ride Echo and the Bunnymen 3:21

Love Will Tear Us Apart SWANS 3:40

Summertime Blues Blue Cheer 3:47

A Minha Menina The Bees 2:45 -

Song2 Tesla Girls 2:06 -

You'll Never Walk Alone Aretha Franklin 8:27 - Played at the end of my wedding, in a (cough, splutter) homage to Peel ; )

I Wish I had that suit.

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windcheater said...

haha! I remember that well. What the fuck were we doing asking a milkman the way to a rave anyway?