Wednesday, 20 February 2008

January 2008 Pottcast

January (apart from, of course, my daughters birthday) was memorable for being a 'piss-awful' month for Liverpool. We lost our game in hand against West Ham and didn't win a match apart from the one in the FA Cup against Havant and Waterloovile (and then it was a close run thing for 45 minutes) which really is nothing to crow about. Most irksome though were the off the pitch wranglings. Not a day passed without some ridiculous headlines about sacking a manger who has got us to two champions league finals (and most importantly) dragged the club out of the dark ages and overhauled it's structure.

Looking at the titles from Side A of the January Pottacast, for example, Hot Tears, Don't take it too hard and Bright Tomorrow, they seem to form a neat sequence of my thoughts about Liverpool. There is upset, dark moods then blind romanticism about the future. Maybe there was some correlation between my listening and feelings about the club?

Then again, maybe not - otherwise "End of an American Dream" by Lee Scratch Perry and Clap You Hands say Yeah's "Yankee Go Home" might have featured a little more heavily.

Looking at the other tracks, The Fuck Buttons (presumably not a stage instruction from this film) are forming a very short list (two, along with Holy Fuck) of "Great bands with Fuck in their name to appear in 2007".

Hot Tears - Sarabeth Tucek - 5:06

Sunrise – Yeasayer - 4:09

Run - Gnarls Barkley - 2:45

Don´t Take It Too Hard – Tuomo - 3:14

Bright Tomorrow - Fuck Buttons - 4:15

Komaron Runner - Pharaoh Overlord - 6:04

Decibels And The Little Pills - American Music Club - 5:41

New Hampshire - Scary Mansion - 3:16

My Spine Is The Bassline - Shriekback - 4:02

The Queen Of All Returns - Dead Meadow - 5:33 - presumably nothing to do with Christine Gonzalez

Walcott - Vampire Weekend - 3:42 - presumably nothing do with Theo.

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