Friday, 19 September 2008

double bummer

2 cd's here:

There's a sort of retro joy/gloom about this podcast. I was really pleased to hear the Mikrokosmos CD's (pick them up here) - It's Bic Hayes from Levitation/Dark Star etc. Not new material, but 2 CD's recorded not long after/during the time Levitation broke down. There is a tragi-story attached to the two albums, master tapes lost in fire, floods, plague... that's explained a bit more here. 

I stumbled upon the Mikrokosmos releases after getting swept away on a wave of listening nostalgia post MBV live in Manchester at the tale end of June ('You made me realise' is still ringing through my head - still haven't made sense of it all).  Around this time I also heard Nathaniel Cramp on Rob Da Bank with a shoegazing special (well worth hunting down on iplayer). He was mumbling about 'great lost albums, which got me thinking about Levitations 'Meanwhile Gardens' (coincidentally unreleased by Chrysalis - the same label who didn't release the album he was talking about). After listening to and loving Levitation all over again I thought I'd better track down what they were doing now, and so I found Mikrokosmos and also that the
 'Dragons' records I'd been picking up was Dave Francolini (Levitation's drummer, part of the 'tightest rhythm section in London' TM)  new project.

Is more of the same. It also features a very noisy record deck of mine - which I think adds a certain ambience to the Sun Electric track. 

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