Thursday, 2 October 2008


Not a German comic book superhero responsible for administering most excellent cunnilingus... Instead the German 'composer' responsible for around 6,500 albums that house such Wurlitzer inspired aural monstrosities as the one below:

'Thanks' to a friend for reminding me that Wunderlich existed via a dream of his that went something like, " and a friend were buying vinyl in Godalming charity shops, ended up I had to clear of as my friend wanted to 'make out' with the shop girl.... what happened was we (in the current day but as our 17yr old selves) were listening to an old cassette (contents unknown) and as the leader gave way to the warm fuzz of ferrous oxide tape, there was the thump of a descending stylus then the bright crackle of static on vinyl kicked in and we were mezmerized by the technology of our yoof, so headed out for a vinyl fix. good job the lucidity dropped out when it came to actual choice of moosic, back in the day it would have been james last or some such twaddle..."

It was clearly Wunderlich...

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